Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in Scotland
under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman

Safeguarding and the Ordinariate in Scotland

In Scotland each Ordinariate priest is part of the local Diocesan Safeguarding procedure and in the Dioceses in which they reside. Under the Bishops' Conference of Scotland Safeguarding Service each Diocese overseas the continuing ongoing training of all priests resident within that Diocese. The Safeguarding representative in the parish in which any particular Ordinariate group is a guest is therefore the first point of contact for any Safeguarding concerns.

Safeguarding in the Ordinariate is carried out by arrangement with the local diocese. All Ordinariate priests are allied with the diocese in which they reside for all safeguarding issues such as training.

Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service

You will find full details of the Bishops' Conference of Scotland Safeguarding Service here:

Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service
274 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4JR
Tel: 0141 332 7177
Information Line Telephone: 0141 353 1177

In God's Image

In God's Image v2 was published by the Bishops' Conference of Scotland in August 2021 as an "Instruction on Safeguarding for implementation in all Catholic canonical jurisdictions in Scotland and by all other groups and organisations in Scotland subject to a legitimate canonical authority of the Catholic Church".

It is intended to explain and to direct the approach to Safeguarding that is to be practised at every level of the Catholic Church in Scotland. For the public, and for Catholic faith communities in particular, it has been written to explain how the Catholic Church in Scotland makes every effort to protect from all forms of harm and abuse those children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk.

It has also been written to direct those who are responsible for managing Safeguarding arrangements in parishes, dioceses, Religious Institutes and Catholic organisations on how to comply with these new national Safeguarding standards.

In God's Image v2

Safeguarding Concerns

If you believe that a child or vulnerable adult is at immediate risk of harm please contact the Police on 999.

You will find contact details for the local Safeguarding Representative on the notice board in each church used by the Ordinariate in Scotland. If you have any concerns at all please contact that person.