Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in Scotland
under the patronage of Saint John Henry Newman

Ordinariate Scotland Events

Ordinariate Scotland Pilgrimage & Conference
Remembering Pope Benedict XVI
and Anglicanorum coetibus
Easter Friday 5th to Monday 8th April 2024

The Annual Pilgrimage and Conference of the Ordinariate in Scotland will be held at Pluscarden Abbey near Elgin, the only medieval British monastery still being used for its original purpose and today, a thriving monastic house, a training place for Novices and a place of worship, work and reflection.

The 2024 Pilgrimage and Conference begins on Friday 5th April at 4.30pm with a Welcome followed by a Guided Tour of the Abbey. It continues until Monday 8th April, ending with Holy Mass with the Monks at 10am, followed by coffee, before departing for home. Day Visitors ale also most welcome to join us. Transport from Elgin rail and bus stations to Pluscarden Abbey will be arranged where necessary.

The theme of our Pilgrimage and Conference this year is: Remembering Pope Benedict XVI and Anglicanorum coetibus, just over a year on from his death on 31st December 2022 at the age of 95. The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham in Great Britain was established by Benedict XVI in November 2011.

Reflecting on the life and legacy of Pope Benedict XVI, Mgr Michael Nazir-Ali, formerly the Anglican bishop of Rochester, now an Ordinariate priest, has said that the birth of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham was a prophetic step to take because it provided those involved in ecumenical dialogue with a concrete example of what unity could look like.

Over three days we will be reflecting on Pope Benedict XVI and his great vision in creating the Ordinariates. Fr Benedict Joseph OSB will reflect on The Writings of Benedict XVI and Fr Benedict OSB on Benedict XVI: The Spirit of the Liturgy. On Saturday evening David Chapman will speak on My Journey with Our Lady of Walsingham, who has been so important to him in his journey of faith.

On Saturday we will visit nearby Birnie Kirk for Holy Mass, the ancient church, built no later than 1140 and where Christian worship has continued uninterrupted for almost 900 years. Closed by the Church of Scotland in November 2023 it now echoes to regular Ordinariate worship. After Mass there will be a signing of the St Margaret Declaration (text below) between the Ordinariate and Birnie Kirk, signed by the Moderator of the Elgin Presbytery of the Church of Scotland and Mgr Keith Newton.

Accommodation will be in St Benedict’s Guest House in the Abbey and in St Scholastica's Retreat, the guest house by the entrance to the Abbey and where we will eat and have our meetings, as well as Morning and Evening Prayer according to Divine Worship. Holy Mass on Sunday will be in the Abbey Chapel and on Monday we will join the Monks at the Conventual Mass. Day Visitors are welcome to join us at all events and for meals - but please use the Booking Form to indicate which meals.

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Ordinariate Scotland visit to Abbotsford House

The Canonisation of Saint John Henry Newman in 2019 was a major event for the Ordinariate and here in Scotland in 2020 we had planned to celebrate in a special way until Covid 19 hit.

Abbotsford House, near Melrose, the home of Sir Walter Scott who died in 1832, later became the home of James Hope-Scott, a good friend of Fr John Henry Newman. They had become friends at Oxford where James was an influential and enthusiastic Tractarian.

Newman was received into the Catholic Church in 1845 and in 1851 both Robert and Charlotte Hope-Scott were also received. Sir Walter’s baronial mansion, Abbotsford House, became the Hope-Scott's home. Newman stayed with his friend at Abbotsford on numerous occasions, celebrating Holy Mass there in Sir Walter Scott’s domestic chapel in the basement of the house, and later in the property’s current chapel, built by the Hope-Scott’s.

Abbotsford House

In recognition of this friendship, Newman gave two beautiful chasubles, as well as his biretta and missal, which were used by him when he visited Abbotsford. One of the chasubles is believed to include 16th century tapestry panels mounted onto 18th century silk, and the second is a fine example of a 19th century vestment.

These vestments are now the centre piece of an exhibition in the chapel at Abbotsford House, which is still used by the Catholic Church in Melrose. Our plan is that the Ordinariate in Scotland should arrange a special event, not just for ourselves but for the wider Ordinariate at Abbotsford House lead by Mgr Keith Newton.

... more events here as the year progresses